Course overview

On this four-week course you will learn how to make recycling of e-waste and batteries sustainable. You will discover  how mobile phone recycling can be part of sustainable environment and you will understand the principles of the managerial aspects of recycling and eco-design.

What you will learn:

  • Identify the valuable chemicals that can be recycled in batteries and waste of electronic and electrical equipment
  • Compare the different recycling methods: mechanical, pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgy routes
  • Calculate the energy cost of some recycling processes using simple thermodynamics
  • Design and optimise new processes based on the combination of well proven techniques with new innovative solutions
  • Assess the chemical risks and harmful emissions to the environment during the process of recycling WEEE
  • Develop awareness of the necessity to recycle but also of the compromises to be made for efficient and safe recycling.

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