The EIT Campus brings together a wide range of learning programmes in the world of innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.   

Our mission is to offer you the best opportunities to develop and progress personally and professionally. We want to make your learning experience rewarding, empowering and relevant.   

The courses featured on the platform cover different areas including:

  • Climate 
  • Food 
  • Urban Mobility 
  • Raw Materials  
  • Digitalization 
  • Manufacturing and  
  • Energy 

All of our courses support the skills transition for a greener and healthier Europe.  To achieve this, we bring you education activities from the different communities of the EIT and other European initiatives to equip you with the necessary knowledge to in line with the changing needs of the labour market. 

As we further develop our platform, it will become home to over 250 courses in the thematic areas tackled by the EIT Community. 

The EIT Campus online platform is an initiative funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the European Union. It is a joint EIT community activity and coordinated by EIT Urban Mobility.   

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Explore the EIT Campus online platform educational offer, from innovation, sustainability, urban mobility, deep tech, circular economy, food chain and much more. You can also explore by topic, level and duration.   

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